Creating a seamless, one-stop shopping experience for your customers with additional front-wall services is crucial. In order to drive profitability in your stores, you have to transition from a single-service retailer to a multi-service destination. With Coinstar’s newest program, your coin kiosk turns into a financial services stop, a place where your customers can transfer their coins and cash directly to their bank accounts with the swipe of a card. This new technology can be wirelessly enabled on your current kiosk quickly, allowing your organization to start reaping the benefits almost immediately.

  1. Bigger Baskets

Between inflation continuing to rise and busy schedules, customers are looking for any and all ways to save time and money. Providing them with a convenient and cost-saving option to complete their financial tasks not only inspires them to continue shopping at your store but can also encourage them to spend more. Research shows that the average coin pour at a Coinstar kiosk is $47, and customers who utilize the kiosk have 10% bigger baskets than customers who don’t. While this data only encompasses the coin side of things, the ability to also transfer cash may lead to more transactions and bigger baskets across the board. 

  1. Increased Foot Traffic

When you add capabilities such as Retail Remote Transfer to your store, you are creating a destination for your customers. For example, by giving people the ability to complete their financial tasks, you are giving them a reason to come to your store more often. Additionally, your Coinstar kiosk can be found on both Google Maps and Apple Maps by search, making it even easier for customers to find your location. Customers that normally make a special trip to their bank branch to deposit their coins and cash now have the opportunity to complete these transfers from any participating Coinstar kiosk, allowing them to better manage their time and complete their financial tasks during grocery trips, for example.

  1. Maximize Your Front Wall

Retail Remote Transfer is easy to add to the other value-added services on your front wall; it doesn’t take up any additional square footage, seamlessly fitting into your current footprint. In addition, adding Retail Remote Transfer to your front-wall lineup can help you retain employees. You don’t need to add any new employees with banking expertise; because all kiosks are wirelessly monitored, updated, and installed, your team doesn’t need to lift a finger. With $3 billion worth of transactions occurring annually at Coinstar kiosks, tapping into the power of Retail Remote Transfer will not only increase your bottom line but inspire your customers to spend more in-store.

Added Services, Added Profit

With the seamless implementation of Retail Remote Transfer into your store, your organization has the opportunity to take your kiosk and financial offerings further than ever before. As retailers continue to compete for customer loyalty and foot traffic, now is the time to upgrade your front wall, and what better way to do it than with a service that doesn’t take up any additional real estate? To start taking advantage of Retail Remote Transfer, connect with a Coinstar expert today.