What if you could place profit-driving ads in your store without using additional square footage? adPlanet, Coinstar for Retail’s media partner, utilizes screens on top of the Coinstar kiosk and the user interface to communicate with your customers and drive profit for your business.  

What is adPlanet?

As our digital out-of-home (DOOH) media partner, adPlanet Retail Media Group contributes to making your Coinstar kiosk some of the most profitable eight square feet of space in your store (besides shelf space, of course!).

adPlanet includes all the advertising space available on the kiosk, including a 32-inch, 178-degree HD screen on top of the kiosk and available placements on the user interface.

These available spaces feature the following:  

  • Full-motion, animation, or static imagery 
  • 450 NITS bright display, viewable up to 50 feet away from the kiosk 
  • Full customization ability across the network or specific by kiosk 

Hands-Free Profit 

Adding the topper to your kiosk connects you to the adPlanet Retail Media Group, giving you access to a wide variety of advertising services and specialized Coinstar for Retail support. Partnering with adPlanet brings you multiple impactful benefits.  

Passive Revenue 

Just like with coin, Coinstar for Retail fully manages your advertising capabilities. With the ad spend running through your kiosk, you have the opportunity to drive extra revenue with no additional work for your team. No matter what ads are placed in your store through adPlanet, you have the potential to reap the rewards of additional revenue.  

Lift Sales Through Impulse Purchases 

Where other kiosks on your front wall keep their advertisements (if any) at eye level, the topper stands high above the rest, extending 178 degrees to maximize visibility. With the ability to run in-house advertisements on your adPlanet topper and kiosk interface, you can drive impulse or last-minute purchases that boost your bottom line. According to a meta-study of impulse purchases, 87% of Americans make regular impulse purchases. adPlanet allows you to communicate discounts and product availability to your customers with ease, encouraging bigger baskets and impulse buys.  

Measurable Results 

According to third-party auditing data sources, including Geopath and Quividi, our topper screens bring in 1.4 billion impressions per month. With over 5,700 adPlanet toppers live at the time of this writing, that’s around 368,000 monthly impressions per screen!  

Soon we will be expanding advertising access across the entire retail kiosk network (not just in the topper), using the attract screen and the ad space in the UI for additional advertising opportunities. This means additional communication with regular or one-time kiosk users. Our screens offer measurable results, and as advertising visibility increases on your kiosks, the money your customers spend in-store can increase, too. 

Easy, Visible, and Measurable Advertising 

The topper can communicate with each and every customer that walks into your store, whether they stop to use the kiosk or not. And with the captive audience at the kiosk, our newest ad units present an opportunity to connect with them during a transaction. Advertising from adPlanet partners will be free of political or social messaging, and you can implement your own in-house ads. 

If you already have a Coinstar kiosk set up in your store and want to tap into the hands-free revenue and profits of adPlanet, connect with your Coinstar for Retail account manager to learn more.  

New to the Coinstar for Retail network? Let’s talk! Connect with us today and let’s start a conversation.